Thursday, September 10, 2009

world communion

more bread

or just material or stoles

Wonder if our Russia team members might have something we could use?

Looks like we are moving on to Advent.

No time for new Kingdomtide decor. Maybe next year. World Communion is coming up too. I love this picture and want to do something like this. What do you all think? Also thinking maybe we could do more prayer origami for Advent. We could fold into stars to decorate the trees and wreathes and hang them just before xmas.

Monday, August 24, 2009

* a plant, vine, or tree growing
* the "tide" of Christ flowing out of us onto/into the world
* the statue of Christ where the hands have fallen off - and we have to be the hands of Christ (pretty popular story, but don't know the source)
* Lord's Prayer (thy kingdom come . . . )
* being the light of Christ’s mercy and justice in the world (open our eyes, so that we may see)

*Psalm 61

Kingdomtide is the season to be living out the kingdom. Our present banners have a crown and greek symbols. Not very helpful symbols in our date and time. I asked the pastors and some of their thoughts were: serving hands, earth, world communion, humble king, basin and towel, pouring out of bread and wine.

Kingdomtide Ideas

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who's making the Pentecost cake?

kidding, of course.

More Pentecost

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pentecost images

These banners represent different languages saying "Holy Spirit" (Arabic, English, Chinese pictograph, Japanese/Chinese calligraphy).

Pentecost ideas that Lara found.

Pentecost hangings...maybe for next year in the sanctuary, but this year in the chapel.

Altar cloth

Lara and I were on the phone chatting and thought maybe we could put together a book of all our plans. Our hope is to have a liturgical calendar so we can plan out the whole year in advance. We could have one or 2 meetings a year to flesh out ideas and then assign projects to those interested.
Darcy and I saw some beautiful ribbon hangings up 15th street from Lavaca. A church had "T" shaped bars with ribbons hanging off. Wouldn't that be beautiful in the chapel garden and in front of the sanctuary steps. Lara said she has seen them with bells on the end as well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Special Sundays that require change to altar decorations.

Human Relations Day: January 18, 2009
One Great Hour of Sharing: March 22, 2009
Native American Ministries Sunday: April 26, 2009
Peace with Justice Sunday: June 7, 2009
World Communion Sunday: October 4, 2009
United Methodist Student Day: November 29, 2009
Use this site to get more info on these special Sundays.

Pictures of Altar decorations I found on the web.

Pentecost is coming up.

We need to decide what we want to do for Pentecost. Here is a thought Jen and I had...we use 4 banners in the sanctuary. 2 hang in the usual spots and one on either side of the choir loft (using stands). We have red or white backgrounds and use red gauzey type material to have fire flow across each of them. Kind of like it is moving.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Writing for the Beacon

I wasn't sure where we were with writing for the bulletin, Beacon, etc. I think it would be best if one person oversees the final draft of everything that is published (even if we all contribute) for continuity. The pancake supper article in the bulletin this Sunday was great, by the way.

I took a stab at writing something to introduce the idea of the birds and where to put them. Feel free to use, modify or ignore:

The prayer birds are provided as a way to further your personal reflection during Lent. At anytime during Lent, please feel free to use the provided paper to record your prayers. Following the simple instructions, you can then transform your prayer into a "bird."

We will collect the birds and incorporate them into a meaningful display for our worship services. Baskets to collect the birds can be found in the foyers of the sanctuary and chapel. If you prefer, you can place an unfolded prayer page in the boxes provided and it will be folded by worship committee member. All prayers will remain private.

This activity would be a great activity for a Sunday school lesson. If you would like someone to assist your group in creating the birds, just contact ?????.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Notes from 1.16.09 meeting

Hello all! We had our first subcommittee meeting this morning and it went very well. We origami'ed ourselves to death and made up a bunch of butterflies (they look like birds) ... they look awesome! We found out that these are easiest to make on the frustration scale. :)

Going forward, we divided up duties amongst the group to do ... here is the list.

Pancake Feast
1. We put in a work order for the All You Can Eat Pancake Feast for Ash Wednesday - Feb 25 - from 5:30pm - 7:00pm in the Great Hall.
1a. We are asking for a $5 donation from each feaster to raise money for our group. We hope to make $500!
2. Jen and Melanie have asked their dad to do the cooking -and he accepted.
2a. We will serve pancakes, bacon and sausage. We will have a "toppings" table with syrup, butter, powdered sugar, peanut butter, whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon/sugar, nuts ... and a diabetic kit. ;) Also served will be OJ, milk, coffee and water.
3. All committee members are asked to be at the church at 4:00pm, on Feb 25, to help prepare the hall and help cook if needed.

Individual Duties
1. Danette will get the paper for the birds. (Talked to manager at Hobby Lobby and we can get at least 30% off - possibly more - of our purchases.) I wrote the Pancake Feast info for the bulletin today, so that is done.
2. Melanie will be in charge of getting all the toppings for the pancake feast.
3. Patsy will be in charge of table supplies for the feast as well as writing simplified directions. (We will give the feasters the opportunity to make some birds at the dinner.)
4. Lara will be in charge of creating 3 boxes (1 for sanctuary, 1 for chapel, 1 for great hall). These are used for the members' prayers/concerns that wish for someone else to fold them.
5. Darcy will coordinate with all the SS classes (kids included), choir, etc and give them the bird packets/instructions. Will need to write up the instructions as well.
6. Keep it on the downlow about what happens on Easter with the birds flying out of the cage. We want that to be a surprise to the congregation!

Artwork in the sanctuary and chapel

Danette will also be painting a "progressional piece" in the sanctuary starting on March 1. It will start out as a purple background and end as a branch (which was covered in thorns in week 6) but now has blooming flowers all over it. Each Sunday, during the 7 weeks, the piece will have more added to it ... and the audience won't really get where it is going until week 5 or 6.

Jen will be asking Sara (I believe that is who) to do a similar one for the chapel.

This is going to be, quite simply, kick butt when it all comes together! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


What do you all think of this cage? Found it on craigslist. Figure we can resell it on craigslist after we use it. It is large...look at the coke can in side it for comparison.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Meeting this Week!

When do you all want to meet this week? How about Friday morning 9am at the church sanctuary? I thought we could try to make some birds/butterflies and string them together to see what works best.
Let me know if this time works.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Found a really good origami site.

I printed out the instructions for the butterfly, crane and twirling bird. We can try them at our next meeting and see what we like best. We may want to string some together and see how they look.

Pictures for Lent

various people have sent me these, and I wanted everyone to see them. What do you think of putting a crown of thorns around the top of the cross in the sanctuary? The big one that hangs in the middle. We have several large willow wreaths in the xmas closet. We could use one for chapel as well.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome to the FUMC Art Blog!

Hi Artsy Friends,

Thanks so much for volunteering your time and talents to our new art committee. We have created this blog as a place to share ideas and images for First Church decorations. If you have never blogged before, then welcome.

As I mentioned, I want this to be a place for us to share and keep track of our creative ideas. This is a blank brainstorming slate for any and all thoughts on how to add to the first church experience. Today we talked about projection, painting, movement, light, membership involvement, and music. I can't wait to see all of our ideas come to life.

The only thing I ask is that you label your posts. When you click on "new post" you will be given a blank space to type your message. At the bottom of this blank area, you will see "Labels for this post:" - this is where I would like us to define the post by religious holidays (i.e. Lent, Easter, Christmas, etc) This way we will easily be able to go back and find ideas. If you have any further questions on posting pic or ideas, you can email me directly at

As you can see to the right, I have added some information regarding the upcoming sermons (thanks Jen!). This is a great resource for us. Feel free to read some of the scripture for inspiration. I have also posted two web links if you are intersted in browsing for different ideas (thanks again Jen!)

Blog away!

Notes from our first meeting

Our first meeting today went well and we were able to put some plans in motion for Lent. Our main project for Lent is origami birds!
Here is the plan:

* Members of the congregation will write down a prayer on a piece of paper that will then be folded in to an origami bird. (This will be an ongoing process throughout the season of Lent)

* We will provide paper to different groups (Sunday School Classes, committees, etc.) as well as a folding tutorial.

* These birds will be placed in two large bird cages at the front of the church. The doors to these cages will remained closed (as the tomb of Jesus was closed) until Easter.

* On Easter morning the congregation will find that the bird cages are open and their prayers (birds) will be strung and flying up toward the cross at the front of the church. Symbolically - Their prayers/concerns/sins will be lifted to God. This idea will be created in both the sanctuary and the chapel.

This is a brief summary of our main idea (I am typing quickly and am certain that I am leaving out important details) and it is open for change or improvement. It is also subject to John's approval. :) We are also going to make new banners but the design for those is yet to be determined. If anyone else wants to elaborate on this idea...feel free. I must run to put kiddos to bed, but I am really looking forward to reading everyone's input!

Darcy Hamre