Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Found a really good origami site.

I printed out the instructions for the butterfly, crane and twirling bird. We can try them at our next meeting and see what we like best. We may want to string some together and see how they look.


  1. I am all for simple...for 2 reasons. 1) If it is too difficult, people will not do it. 2)I think the aspect of this project that will carry the most impact will be the sheer number of birds/prayers. I vote for easy butterfly.

  2. I agree easier is best. I want to try them out and see. If I can do one, then anyone can!

    One thought: if some people want to participate, but don't want to do the folding, could they put their prayer in a special box for a prayer team (aka us) to fold?

  3. I love the box idea...who wants to make it? :)