Friday, January 16, 2009

Notes from 1.16.09 meeting

Hello all! We had our first subcommittee meeting this morning and it went very well. We origami'ed ourselves to death and made up a bunch of butterflies (they look like birds) ... they look awesome! We found out that these are easiest to make on the frustration scale. :)

Going forward, we divided up duties amongst the group to do ... here is the list.

Pancake Feast
1. We put in a work order for the All You Can Eat Pancake Feast for Ash Wednesday - Feb 25 - from 5:30pm - 7:00pm in the Great Hall.
1a. We are asking for a $5 donation from each feaster to raise money for our group. We hope to make $500!
2. Jen and Melanie have asked their dad to do the cooking -and he accepted.
2a. We will serve pancakes, bacon and sausage. We will have a "toppings" table with syrup, butter, powdered sugar, peanut butter, whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon/sugar, nuts ... and a diabetic kit. ;) Also served will be OJ, milk, coffee and water.
3. All committee members are asked to be at the church at 4:00pm, on Feb 25, to help prepare the hall and help cook if needed.

Individual Duties
1. Danette will get the paper for the birds. (Talked to manager at Hobby Lobby and we can get at least 30% off - possibly more - of our purchases.) I wrote the Pancake Feast info for the bulletin today, so that is done.
2. Melanie will be in charge of getting all the toppings for the pancake feast.
3. Patsy will be in charge of table supplies for the feast as well as writing simplified directions. (We will give the feasters the opportunity to make some birds at the dinner.)
4. Lara will be in charge of creating 3 boxes (1 for sanctuary, 1 for chapel, 1 for great hall). These are used for the members' prayers/concerns that wish for someone else to fold them.
5. Darcy will coordinate with all the SS classes (kids included), choir, etc and give them the bird packets/instructions. Will need to write up the instructions as well.
6. Keep it on the downlow about what happens on Easter with the birds flying out of the cage. We want that to be a surprise to the congregation!

Artwork in the sanctuary and chapel

Danette will also be painting a "progressional piece" in the sanctuary starting on March 1. It will start out as a purple background and end as a branch (which was covered in thorns in week 6) but now has blooming flowers all over it. Each Sunday, during the 7 weeks, the piece will have more added to it ... and the audience won't really get where it is going until week 5 or 6.

Jen will be asking Sara (I believe that is who) to do a similar one for the chapel.

This is going to be, quite simply, kick butt when it all comes together! :)


  1. Oh, I wish I could have been there this morning! Sounds like a great meeting. I will gladly work on the boxes for unfolded prayers.

    I meant to write everyone notes from when I met with John the other day. My computer time is hard to come by. ; )

    He was totally on board for our ideas and had some suggestions:

    1) He liked the idea of the cage filling up throughout the season and said we could cover/shroud it on Good Friday.

    2) He thought we should have a receptacle in the foyer for folded prayers because that's the direction of traffic after services.

    3) He reminded me that we would have all the Easter lilies on the floor as well on Easter morning (so to allow for them in our design).

    4) He loved the new banner idea. He said we could even go longer. Other suggestions (from past experiences) a. have an image that begins from the center, instead of from the bottom, so people don't think it's empty. b. put an explanation in the bulletin every week to explain the addition to the image.

    5)In addition to the weekly notes on the banners, put an explanation in the bulletin about the prayer "birds" - especially on Easter (for visitors).

    Sorry I didn't get this out sooner. I was going to relay it this morning. Yeah teething.


  2. We did discuss shrouding the cage...that way we could take out the birds early and begin stringing them together.

    We will also have baskets for the folded birds to go into...a basket with a bird hanging from the handle...can you get those too?

    Maybe we can have some birds on the lilies.

    I love the idea of the banners being somewhat longer than usual...Danette has a plan for the 7 weeks of progression of those.

    Lara, or Danette...we need to assign someone to do the write-ups each week for the bulletin. Patsy is doing a general write-up to explain the birds, but we need to add one for the artwork and then the display on Easter. All that is sent to

    This is going to be so cool. I am excited!

  3. Sorry I missed the meeting too...we were out of town. I am also glad to go around to the classes. Mel - I will call you later to discuss the details of this and find out how to fold the butterfly/birds. So exciting!