Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Writing for the Beacon

I wasn't sure where we were with writing for the bulletin, Beacon, etc. I think it would be best if one person oversees the final draft of everything that is published (even if we all contribute) for continuity. The pancake supper article in the bulletin this Sunday was great, by the way.

I took a stab at writing something to introduce the idea of the birds and where to put them. Feel free to use, modify or ignore:

The prayer birds are provided as a way to further your personal reflection during Lent. At anytime during Lent, please feel free to use the provided paper to record your prayers. Following the simple instructions, you can then transform your prayer into a "bird."

We will collect the birds and incorporate them into a meaningful display for our worship services. Baskets to collect the birds can be found in the foyers of the sanctuary and chapel. If you prefer, you can place an unfolded prayer page in the boxes provided and it will be folded by worship committee member. All prayers will remain private.

This activity would be a great activity for a Sunday school lesson. If you would like someone to assist your group in creating the birds, just contact ?????.

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